Mr Business Golf

There are not many of us left anymore…,or should I say… available. Those of us who are capable of doing what I do, and have experience in doing what I know how to do, are becoming very rare.

I am  fully trained in Process Management and a vastly experienced Business Operations Manager with knowledge of how Social Media really works in the real business world TODAY.

I also have knowledge of the values of a good Web Presence.  If nobody can find you on the web then I have some solutions for you.

I spent 30 years in the middle of the worst messes a fortune 100 corporation can get its operations into and played a huge part in developing the many solutions that got them straightened out.

Crisis Management is in my blood, solid solutions are in my DNA and ‘not stopping until the job is done’ is just my way of life.

  • If you are a business person needing someone to help make the tough business decisions you have to make…I am your man.
  • If you are uncertain with what direction to take your business in this fractured economy…yes, I am still your man.
  • If you just need someone to take on a project that affects your business’ operation…yep, I am still YOUR Man!
  • I you need someone to fill in your foursome…I can do that as well.

…I mentor…I consult…I coach…I manage…I help…and most important…I LISTEN!

…I am serious…I am fun and I am part of the solution..not the problem!

Contact me if you are need of my help…I am ready to go when you are.


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