ClamBake Café™

Most revolutions are noisy affairs.

In the business world there is a constant buzz being generated from business people wanting to learn more about development, monetization of the internet and bottomline revenue effectiveness issues.

Over in the golf market, who hasn’t heard of barely conforming drivers promising greater distance, newly formulated golf balls that know how to fly further, yet stop faster…or the putter that guarantees to eliminate the three putt? Not to mention rescue clubs, magnets ,multi-material shafts, and the need to join someone’s online golf group…

The noise online and offline about business needing to be improved is almost deafening.

Meanwhile, a ‘quiet revolution’ has occurred.

Over the course of three years, IBGS has developed a unique and powerful set of programs that leverage the connection between business and golf.  These programs are part of the ‘quiet revolution’ started for anyone who is looking for someplace to go to learn what works and does not work in the business and golf worlds.

The place to go to learn more about the ‘Quiet Revolution’ is the ClamBake Café™.

The ClamBake Café was designed to leverage the connection between business and golf.   The CBC is also an online and offline gathering place for likeminded people who are truly looking to quieten down the noise being produced around business and golf.

Whether your performance goals are to Increase Sales, Improve Team Dynamics or Master the Art of Business Golf Essentials the ClamBake Café programs impact bottom line results, on and off the course.

The IBGS Corporate Golf programs that will be part of the ClamBake Cafe are also ideal for enhancing Client and Vendor hospitality events, or energizing Corporate Outings, Sales Meetings, and Conferences.

If you are in any form of business then you should know that it is no coincidence that golf is the number one leisure activity among business professionals and that more than 85% use golf as a business tool. The combination of improving your golf skills while also improving your business skills makes for a rewarding experience, so here is you opportunity to tee us up.

The ClamBake Café™

The IBGS Copyright conference is now available for your company’s sponsorship

This very unique business golf conference will feature:
•    Three rounds of Golf
•    Two Half Days of exciting new business development programs
•    All food & Beverages
•    Guest Speakers
•    Business Networking Receptions

And, OH, did we mention there will be golf played everyday of the conference?

We are so confident in the programs offered at the ClamBake Cafe that we guarantee to reduce your handicap on the course and in business.

For more information on the ClamBake Café please email us at info @  Place in the Subject Line: ClamBake Café Conference Info

Or call, Scot Duke, at 214 549-0306

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