Social Media

* Social & Digital Media Consulting Strategies
* Social Networking Consulting & Plan Development
* WordPress Blog Development
* Branding
* Business Development
* Business Networking Strategies


IBGS mentoring programs help individuals and groups of business people learn through hands on guidance.

Mentoring services are available by quote.


IBGS Staff has experience in effective business operations practices as well as effective internet facilitation.

Consulting services are available by quote

Internet Facilitation

IBGS offers a unique approach to raising awareness of a business’ services or products on the internet. Plus other effective methods of using the internet to promote a business.

Internet Facilitation services fees are available by quote

Business Golf Advisory Group

IBGS has gathered a group of experts in golf to serve as a panel review of business plans, issues and changes a business owner or executive is encountering.

BGAG services are available by quote.

Business Education & Conferencing

Broadcast Media

  • ClamBake Café™ Talk Show Podcast – Promotional podcasting.
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