Addison, Texas – October 10, 2011
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC, (IBGS) announces its partnering with Tina E Clark Productions in a joint venture to produce Internet radio programs.  The partnership brings together over 50 years of innovative business operations and music business production.  The joint venture will develop a number of Internet radio program formats ranging from talk shows to full music showcases.
The programing will cover a broad spectrum of the global markets with a primary focus towards indie music artist, business executives, social media practitioners, business golfers as well as music enthusiast.
The joint venture will produce a broad range of programs developed for digital broadcast media and for use in social media marketing.  Podcasts and Video Blogs will also be byproducts from the Internet radio programs.
Innovative Business Golf Solutions is a multi faceted company offering the business community services to enhance operations. Services include business coaching, mentoring and social media training. Primary markets are golf industry, private clubs and all businesses in need of enhanced operations.

I have been interested in finding a way to add my third interest in life, music, with the other two, golf and business.  Entering the broadcast media of Internet radio just made sense.  I am very excited to have met Tina Clark who also was looking for a way to expand her message to her audience.  Producing Internet radio programs should be a fun and an exciting endeavor., said Scot Duke, CEO of IBGS.

Tina E Clark Productions, located in Dallas, Texas, is a music production company created around the music produced and written by Tina E Clark.  TECP Services include indie artist mentoring, songwriting, music arrangement and music business consulting as well as music artist development in the music business.

I have seen for sometime now the struggle musicians have with breaking into the music business.  My interest has always been to share my experience with those who are struggling to make it.  The ability to pass my experience and interest on to others through the Internet has brought me to realize I need to produce an Internet radio program that allows me to help others as it helps me., said Tina E Clark, owner of Tina E Clark Productions.

The launch of the first radio program is pending studio location and scheduling.  Marketing and sponsor/advertiser solicitation will begin immediately.
More information and/or to schedule interviews contacting Scot Duke at 214 549-0306 or


Addison, Tx – January 14, 2011

Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC, (IBGS) announced today the launch of the Business Golf Advisory Group.

The Business Golf Advisory Group, (BGAG) is a strategy and solution advisory group of executives and golf business luminaries who know the consumer driven golf market intimately. The BGAG helps golf companies, country clubs and golf professionals who aspire to be successful, want to re-address achieving their potential and in so doing maximize their business’ value.

The BGAG indentifies underperforming and undervalued assets of a business’s operations then offers real solutions for the reconstruction of the business model and organization which delivers value to shareholders.

“Over the past several years ago I have seen a large number of golf businesses and golf executives struggling to understand their rapidly changing market. Over those same years I developed a number of relationships, in and out of golf, with business people who see clearly where many golf businesses, country clubs, golf facilities and golf professionals should change in their business operations to meet these challenges. I created the BGAG in hopes many of these golf business people will bring their business plan so we can offer sound advice on what needs to be changed and where those changes need to be made to meet their goals.”, said Scot Duke, CEO of Innovative Business Golf Solutions.

The BGAG is a new breed of Business Development Company combining years of experience in a broad base of industries, relationship-building, networking, and proven achievements. The BGAG offers a complete line of operationally sound approaches to business development and marketing.

“The golf industry is in need of learning how others see them in their market. The BGAG offers golf business owners and executives an opportunity to hear how the golf consumer, the potential country club member or prospective golf student view them, their product or service in order to improve their business.”, said Mark Neace, Owner of Keyimage Media Solutions and President of The Caddie Club.

Recognizing the effects of economic pressures in in the golf industry for that past recent years, the BGAG’s was formed to meet the growing need for advanced business development support for golf businesses.

Anticipating these needs, the BGAG established a strategic, tight-knit organization of business people capable of assisting golf businesses in finding new and more productive directions.

“ As private clubs and public access courses endure yet another year of financial uncertainty it will be the operators who not only think “outside the box” but build completely new boxes that will survive. Innovating new ways to engage the golf consumer, creating unique networks to share ideas and look for solutions, forming a community that shares in the common goal of keeping the game relevant during challenging times, those are the operators who will survive then thrive in the new golf economy.” Dave Bisbee President of eGolfGroup.

BGAG’s focus on finding ways for golf businesses to develop stronger ways of growing business through incorporating sound operations and business plan strategies as the way a company does business.

BGAG’s goal is to help businesses gain a better understanding of their challenges facing their business in these changing times. Developing a better solid business plan will allow businesses to move quickly, nimbly and effectively through their dynamic marketplace.

The BGAG will focus on the golf industry but is able to help any business who needs an outsiders look at their issues.

How it is done:

A business owner or executive brings their business’ challenges to BGAG for review. The BGAG review panel listens to all concerns and aspects the business owner has towards meeting the challenges. Each member of the BGAG review panel will provide feedback and, as a team, offer solutions and direction on solving the business’ issues.

“We want to bring in the new year with offering golf businesses somewhere they can go to and get straight honest input to what they need to do to survive in the golf business world”, added Mr Duke.

“The future is brighter for those golf business owners who reach out to learn the direction they should take”, said Mr Nease.

The BGAG offers:

  • Key Personal Compatibility Evaluations
  • Operations and Sales Management Consulting
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Broadcast Media Production and Consulting
  • Sports Industry Marketing
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Digital Strategies and Marketing

The BGAG web-site is at More information can be obtained through the Contact Page of the BGAG website.

April 28, 2009: Addison, Texas and Sedona, Arizona

EGolfGroup and Innovative Business Golf Solutions

join forces to launch the Business Golf Country Club

“Handled correctly the game of golf can play as a fundamental business function”, say Dave Bisbee, founder and president of eGolfGroup, Sedona, AZ, and Scot Duke, founder and president, Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Addison, TX.
Experienced business golf advocates and teachers, Bisbee and Duke are pleased to announce their joint venture, The Business Golf Country Club, (BGCC), an exclusive internet destination at to bring like-minded business golfers together as members in a private online golf club.

Bisbee and Duke invite golfers of every skill level with an interest in melding business with their passion of golf to enroll as a member and take advantage of the many opportunities this innovative golfers-only community affords.

“The purpose of BGCC is to encourage business relationships and networking opportunities among members,” says Duke, “We have created this networking environment as a means to establish and maintain the professionalism and trust necessary for authentic business relationships.”

Bisbee and Duke assert that many consider business related golf outings as ineffective and feel they are ultimately little more than social etiquette activities.

“The bond that links golf and business is indisputable”, says Bisbee. “On any given day thousands of executives take to the fairways because they have heard golf is good for business, only to discover the process for success is as difficult to master as basic golf technique.”

Scot Duke, author of How to play business golf, realized, after researching and playing business golf that the vast majority of golfers who attempt to use golf as a business tool fail to grasp the precise parallels.

“Like a private country club, the BGCC ensures an exclusive, safe and absolutely spam-free Internet environment for golf-related business and networking,” says Duke. “We offer our members the tools to post messages, communicate freely and exchange information with fellow BGCC members.”

The Business Golf Country Club makes every effort to screen out applicants who have no interest in golf or golfers. Spamming is not tolerated, nor posting any information for the sole purpose of selling products or services.

Members of the Business Golf Country Club will have access to:
•    Online discussion forums, announcements of golf and business events, as well as off-site BGCC tournaments, outings and social activities.
•    A combination of BGCC hosted, professionally coordinated, online and off-site member-only conferences, seminars, workshops and golf schools.
•    Guest opportunities on the BGCC proprietary ClamBake Café podcast talk show.
•    Advertising and marketing space available for member products and services.

eGolfGroup®, Sedona, AZ, is dedicated to improving individual and organizational performance. Bisbee offers innovative concepts, compelling golf-business instruction and effective staff development programs that bring a more meaningful dimension to golf and business activities.  A host of Fortune 500 companies equip their executives with Bisbee’s performance focused programs to engage in golf with business objectives in mind.
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Addison, TX, is a multi-faceted business golf consulting/operations firm with programs, services and products that deliver solutions to the business challenges clients find on and off the golf course.

For more information contact
Scot Duke
214 549-0306

Addison, TX February 25, 2012

Innovative Business Golf Group, LLC, is excited to announce Scot Duke’s appointment to the position of Director of Social Media for eGolfGroup.  EGolfGroup, founded by Dave Bisbee in 2006, is currently located in Sedona, AZ and offers the golf industry a powerful combination of independent companies who have distinguished themselves as market leaders and innovators in their respective fields.  Every member of eGolfGroup shares the same passion for facilitating success in business as well as on the golf course.  eGolfGroup offers programs, training and consulting for a wide range of businesses. From executive business golf programs to consulting for private golf club business development to golf instructor management enhancements.

“Scot will be responsible for the day to day operations of eGolfGroup’s social media efforts.  We have been very impressed with Scot’s presence online over the years and feel his direction will help the group get our message out to business golfers, golf instructors and golf facilities,” said Dave Bisbee.

eGolfGroup offers:

The Business Golf Suite®

  • For corporate executives and business golfers who expect more from their day on the course, but sense that golf as a meaningful business tool is as challenging as the game’s fundamentals, eGolfGroup is on hand with The Business Golf Suite®
  • Business golf is unquestionably about building strong and lasting relationships. But we take it several steps further, our programs reveal how opportunities are lost or simply missed through the lack of sufficient skills to decipher personal signals that emanate from a golf experience.
  • Four engaging business-golf applications provide the “missing link” to positioning the game as a fundamental business function. Conducted separately or in a complete seminar package, each training module equips business golfers to manage their on-course activities with specific business objectives in mind; and introduces self-awareness and management practices to improve performance and achieve goals.

Team Links Challenge®

  • The golf course provides the perfect venue to challenge a team to pull together. Communication, planning, execution and support are required. Every team member has something to contribute … and golf skills are only part of the success formula.

Essentials Of Business Golf ®

  • For men and women intending to utilize golf to its maximum business potential, the “essentials” teach business golfers to manage themselves as “scratch thinkers” in a golf environment. Rules of Golf, etiquette, and basic to advanced golf instruction round out this comprehensive program.

Executive Golfer Boot Camp

  • This program can be held in 1 or 2 day sessions. Hosted exclusively by one company for its own management team and/or invited guests. Your own golf school can be a “new and different” way to get better acquainted with people who can influence your company’s sales, profits and continued growth.
  • With more than 35 years of experience Dave Bisbee is renowned for his innovative solutions for helping individuals and organizations gain greater benefits and more enjoyment from golf. Many of the nation’s leading corporations and recognized golf schools utilize Bisbee’s Essentials of Golf instruction programs as their platform to improve individual and organizational performance.

“I have worked with Dave for many years now and for me taking the reins of the social media for his flagship organization is a distinctive honor.  Social Media is not understood by most of the golf industry.  Offering insight for what works, and what does not work, for both the online and offline worlds to the struggling golf industry is what will now be a part of eGolfGroup mission which I am very excited to facilitate for the group,” said Scot Duke.

For more information, or for interviews, email dbisbee @ or call Dave Bisbee at 602 549-8194

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