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Founded in November 2005. Headquartered in Addison, Texas

IBGS is managed by:

Scot Duke


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IBGS has gone through a metamorphosis since its beginnings in 2005. What stared out as a single focused publications company in 2006 became a Multi-faceted business offering consulting, mentoring, business coaching and social media services to help business people balance their online and offline enterprises.

The centerpiece of the IBGS enterprise features Business Golf and how Social Media, done correctly, can improve business. IBGS now offers products and services that help today’s business people learn more about how to effectively operate their business, develop new business and keep the business they have worked hard to build. All while learning to move into the future on a solid foundation.

The ClamBake Cafe™ was created in 2007 to facilitate a broader base of online promotions for the IBGS services. Later that year the focus of the ClamBake Cafe included development of business golf conferences/seminars and events.

Also in 2007, IBGS Launched the online and offline social/business network the Business Golf Country Club. The BGCC is a private club for business golfers. The mission of the club is to build a community of business golfers for the purpose of networking their business and golf needs.

2009 brought on strategic partner Dave Bisbee and his eGolfGroup to help manager the Business Golf Country Club. Together more products and service catering the golf industry’s need to find solutions to its challenges were developed.

Currently, beginning in January,2011, the Business Golf Advisory Group was formed to review and find solutions to the issues and challenges business people face. Together all of the different components of the IBGS services work together to help businesses gain an advantage in their business’ development.

For more information on how IBGS can help you enter the business world on a sound foot please contact us.

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