Scot Duke - AuthorHow To Play Business Golf!-REVISTED

by Scot Duke


Do you want to be successful AND play more golf?

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This information-packed Book is LOADED with everything you need to know to succeed in playing Business Golf
The book is designed exclusively for anyone who wants to find a way to fit:

If you currently are not playing golf,  this book takes a look at Business Golf from a non-golfer’s point of view and outlines why you may need to consider learning the game of golf.
For the Avid golfers who find it hard to spend the time they want playing golf, this book outlines the P’s & Q’s to adding Business Golf to the way you do business while enjoying the game of golf.

For this Version only: Two Bonus Articles have been Included

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Learn NEW and PROVEN ways on how to: 

While You….

And much more...

Scot DukeHere are just a few of the strategies you will learn: 


I provide important links to organizations and businesses who provide valuable information to enhance your Business Golf.

Plus, you will also receive at no extra charge,
Newsletters on topics ranging from Marketing Strategies… to reviews of Great places to play Business Golf. 
Special offers and Articles from the PGA and USGA!


If you are currently not using Business Golf as a business tool you are losing out on tapping into a large market of higher income customers and really missing out on great opportunities to reduce stress and improve your health by playing golf

Scot DukeWhat you learn in this E-Book will easily cover the small investment.
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