Will Golf Work for You

by IBGS on March 31, 2011

Looking out window There comes a time in each golfer’s journey to learning how to play golf where they will ask themselves..sometimes several times a day..why am I playing this game?  I know I have asked that question, I have been on the tee where my partner has verbalized the questions and now I am getting emails saying…I am quitting golf because I am not sure why I am playing golf.

Why Do you Play Golf

As I mentioned, this is in every golfer’s mind.  If it has not gotten to you it will and you should be prepared to answer the question when it hits you.  Every one has a different reason for playing.  For most, golf offers them a challenge they cannot get from any other activity.  For others they play golf for the adventure golf presents.  Still, even others play golf because it is in their blood to play golf.

Yet, there are a few golfers who started out playing because of the challenge, who experienced the adventure and have golf in their blood, but they still ask..why am I playing this game?  However, this time they will add to the question…what is the purpose of playing this game?

The answer to the question concerning the purpose of playing golf is not as easy to answer as the ‘Why’ someone plays golf question. The term ‘purpose’ indicates a more rational or logical reason for playing golf is needed.  This question, concerning needing a purpose of playing golf, is not new.  It comes around every time there are outside pressures to playing golf, like the poor economy, peer pressure or waning popularity of the public towards playing golf.   Unfortunately, the golf industry deals with this question far to lightly and will write it off as something that is part of doing business.  Seems when the ‘purpose needed to play golf’ issue comes up the Golf industry just shrugs and says, ‘I’m sorry’.

It is clear, once a golfer starts asking themselves..and others..what is the purpose of playing golf they are getting to the verge of quitting golf. To many there just is no justification to playing golf that satisfies their concern.  This is one of the unfortunate phenomena’s occurring in the golf industry today.  Fortunately, there is another answer to the question the golfers who need a purpose probably have not heard or if they did maybe needs to be revisited to highlight the alternatives to consider.

The Real Question

The real question golfers on the verge for quitting golf should ask is..How can I get golf to work for me.  The answer to this question offers the purpose so many golfers feel they need to continue to play golf.  The answer is..business golf.  Unfortunately, when golfers hear the answer..business golf..they shrug off the solution or feel strongly they know what business golf is all about.  To most golfers the term business golf means a six hour sales pitch, which they do not want to be part of and neither does anyone else.

This reaction to business golf as being something of no interest due to it implying to something that is to them a waste of time is another natural reaction. This reaction comes from most golfers not completely understand what business golf offers. 

Many golfers who feel they understand business golf base their knowledge on an experience which usually was not good.  They either were on the end of an all day parade of being pitched a futile deal or where the person pitching all day to no avail.  Both incidences are common and are part of the worst experience anyone can have on a golf course…and is not business golf.

Lack of Understanding

What most golfers do not understand and have not experienced is the true form of business golf.  Business Golf, in its purest form, has nothing to do with business being talked while on the golf course and everything to do with building trust.  Trust building in business has been long seen as a waste of time and reacted to with remarks like…

“What does trust have to do with making a profit?  Someone does not have to trust another if someone has a product the other needs.  Business is based on selling a product and has nothing to do with trust.”

Obviously, these types of remarks are as old as business and fortunately are ingrained into many of the businesses today attitude toward the consumer. With the onslaught of new technology changing the way business is done today, this way of how business is done is dead.  Business people with the attitude that trust does not matter are in business to go out of business in today’s consumer savvy economy.  Finding out who you can trust and who you cannot is the game being played today which makes playing business golf more prevalent than in any other time of history.

Trust Improves Business

So why aren’t more golfers playing business golf?  The answer is simple..they don’t know how.  Many business people try to, again, adapt the fast pace work place to playing golf.  What they find out quickly is their attempts to hurry up golf..or hurry up their efforts to build trust..just does not work.  Since they can’t force golf to work at the pace they are forced to live they give up golf and go around telling people how much they ‘Hate’ golf. Trying to force golf to be something it is not is one of the major reasons more people do not play golf..even recreationally.

Trust building is now the core of a business’ mission and it is more than taking someone else’s word that someone else is trustworthy.  The consumer…or the business person..today demands to find out for themselves if the person they are going to do business with is someone they can trust.  This cannot be done in a few minutes or in one hour.  Trust is developed over time and the more time spent the more trust can be developed.  This again plays well into how business golf can build trust that equates, in today’s economy, to developing solid business relationships.

So can golf work for you?  The short answer is Yes.  The solution to many problems in life and business can be found during the journey to learning how to play golf. Learning how to play business golf adds another dimension and greater depth to why you play golf.  Where do you go to learn to play business golf?   Well, you are reading this blog on a site catered to business golfers and that offers a number of programs and golf schools that fit every need conceived you would have towards teaching you, and your entire business, how to use golf as a business tool.

Take the jump to finding a greater purpose to playing golf.  Learn to play business golf and you will have all the bases covered for a lifetime of fun and profitable business endeavors.  Let me know how I can help.

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