ClamBake Cafe Videocast Take Off

by IBGS on March 13, 2010

The ClamBake Cafe has really taken off.  As the media outreach arm of the Business Golf Country Club one of its primary functions is to work for the members of the Business Golf Country Club as a vehicle to bring attention to who they are and what they do to the market using Social Media tools.  The CBC features the Video Chat as a way to offer the greatest impact.

Why Video Chats?

As most consumes and business people know, Trust plays a huge part in what is required to do business today.  If trust is not demonstrated or earned then business will never be done.  The Video Chats show people there is a Real Person involved with the business and someone they could talk to.  The interviews provide an opportunity to outline what business the person is in or what the business the person works for offers to the market.

How to Be Considered for the Chat

First, you have to be a member of the Business Golf Country Club.  Then once you are a member you can ask to be interviewed.  We do ask for you to be patient since it will take a while to do 10 minutes recorded interviews with over 640 members.   Send your request to Scot Duke through the BGCC.

More is coming for the ClamBake stay tuned.  Advertising space is available on the CBC Site.  Information on being a sponsor can be obtained my contacting Scot Duke.

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