21 Business Networking Tips

by IBGS on October 26, 2009

I see it every time I attend a business networking function.   There are more people who was laid off or decided it was time to find another job.  A college graduate eager to find their place in the business world.  A retiree who decided to pass on their vast business experience.  All hit the business networking groups and have NOT a clue what to expect or do. 

This makes it tough getting started.   Everyone who is in business has experience the feeling of awkwardness when they attend their first gathering of other business people.  Sometimes dealing with un-hosted gatherings or gatherings where there is not anyone or leader who makes an effort to meet everyone at the door, it can be a daunting experience.

Though I now do most of my business networking after a round of golf, I do get out to different groups from time to time to see what is happening in other markets and to LEARN new things..yes, even I can learn a thing or two.

My mission has always been to do what I can to help people do a better job in developing business and in an effort to help those here online who need to get offline to survive, here are 21 tips to use when attending a business networking function.

  1. Carry a pocket full of Business Cards.
  2. Bring everything required to leave a great impression.
  3. Be positive and volunteer in talks, but don’t over talk.
  4. Ask open-ended questions when discussing an issue.
  5. Be as much of a listener as a talker.
  6. Be approachable.
  7. Visit as many groups of interest as possible.
  8. When joining a group commit to help the group grow
  9. Make your first impression the best impression.
  10. Understand the law of successful giving and thankful receiving.
  11. Think about perfecting your handshake.
  12. The goal is in developing relationships.
  13. Attempt to be at the right place and at right time.
  14. Follow up quickly and efficiently.
  15. Cultivate an endless referral network
  16. Aim to highlight what you do for your business
  17. Become someone others come to for knowledge on a subject.
  18. Never miss a scheduled meeting or introduction.
  19. Put the person you are talking to first and You second
  20. Make sure to collect cards from all contacts made.
  21. Never miss a networking event.

I know there are more and when I come up with them I will let you know.  This should get you started on a sound foot so Get Out there and build solid business relationships.  It more than likely will pay off more than a Facebook Fan Page.

Let me know how I can help.

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