Where is Golf Heading

by IBGS on February 15, 2009

Business Golf Ball with club For the past few weeks many of the people I meet ask…

So, where is golf heading?

Since most of the content of the conversations I am having recently are concerning the economy I am getting this questions asked of me a lot. Many golfers, country club members and golf professionals are looking for the answer to this question also…so am I.

Mark Frost’s article in the Wall Street Journal did an excellent job of outlining the history of golf and where Business Golf was originated.

Golf’s Crash Course in Humility

Its legacy as an indulgence for the wealthy is back in play. How did that happen?

Golf Journal – WSJ.com

Since the last economic slowdown of golf in the 1970’s and with the recent emergence of Tiger Woods, business golf has taken on a different form than what history has prescribed it to be in the past. With the deluge beginning in the early 90’s of millions of small businesses hitting the world’s business stage more business people are using golf as part of their business than ever in the history golf. Now what has to take place is for today’s business golfer to find more effective ways to use golf as part of doing business.

Mr Foster mentions…

Corporations will no longer have the same discretionary funds to express their affection for golf. The image of the game itself has taken a hit from these cautionary tales of executive excess. The number of amateur golfers has flat-lined and with an injured Tiger on the sidelines, so have TV ratings. …..

And I totally agree with him when he completes this thought by saying..

… A path forward can be found in the recent victory of the U.S. Ryder Cup team; a group of untested kids and seasoned veterans putting their egos aside, and playing their guts out for nothing but pride. Captain Paul Azinger borrowed a page from the Scots, who still play golf the way they’ve always done on their local, minimal masterpiece tracks. Their game, taken to heart, teaches discipline, equilibrium, modesty, moral rectitude and the lesson that any player forgets at their peril: Golf, like life, is a humbling game.

The image of golf has changed to include the everyday small business person. There are millions of “Joe or Jane the Plumbers” out on the golf course meeting people and letting people meet him or her. These same people are also members of country clubs and golf clubs around the world. And yes, unfortunately, there are those bastions of facilities hanging on to the ‘class distinctions’ that was established hundreds of years ago. The good news is, the weight of the number of today’s New Business Golfers is going to force many of these stuffy golf facilities to embrace these new business thinking golfers.

There is still good in golf and their is still extreme value in business golf if you know how to play it correctly. Golf is going to go through some rough times over the next year or so. If you love golf then every golfer needs to do their part to supporting golf as much as they can…business golf is something to consider.

Let me know how I can help.


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