Micro-Niche Marketing

by IBGS on February 15, 2009

An interesting questions was asked of me recently that got me to thinking, again.  With the failing economy more businesses are having to break down their product and services to fit into what I define as Micro-Niche markets.

Micro-Niche: A very small group or part of a community that has special needs or interest.  These groups represent less that a fraction of a percent of the entire Niche.

EXAMPLE: Since Business Golf is a Niche of the golf community, and example of micro-niche would be the golfers who already know how to play business golf.

The questions I was asked was..How would I use Social Media in a Micro-Niche market? 

Since Niche marketing is a very special type of target marketing it only makes sense to use social media to promote the niche or the service that is offered the niche.

Since Social Media is defined as…

The interaction, and the manner in which information is presented to small groups or on a one-on-one basis.

It makes sense to use Social Media Marketing to Micro-Niche Markets.

Social Media Marketing is defined as..

Social Media Marketing is all about collaboration between people. It is about participating with everyone and sharing information. It is as much about giving as it is about receiving from the group. The premise of social media marketing is engaging with the consumer and providing value.

I see no reason why social media could not be used in a Micro-Niche.  Matter of fact I could see how social media would be one of the only ways to market to a micro-niche.

For businesses to survive they will need to get back to basics of doing business.  Gone are the days where the CEO or entire C Suites sit in their boardrooms twittering away their time attempting to solve problems that are all caused by bottomline problems.  These business men and women will now have to get their hands dirty and get on the frontline with the rest of the staff to get to know their customers.

It would be good if businesses look at their services and products and identify what their Micro-Niches are and start marketing to these customers using social media methods.

What is not Social Media is…

Social Media Marketing is not about spamming. It is not about copying certain links and spamming it in discussion groups and forums. It is important to create value for the people with whom you are dialoguing.

If you are not using Social Media to market your business you need to get on the stick.  If you need to learn how, Let me know how I can help.


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